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Coloured lamps for a solarium. 4 reasons why you will love them.

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  • Do coloured lamps tan the same as standard UV lamps?
  • How were coloured lamps received by solarium clients?
  • What influence do coloured lamps have on our well-being?
  • How much do coloured lamps cost?

We can find coloured hybrid lamps in tanning salons more often now. This is not only a trend, but the result of a practical calculation for salon owners. It's very simple - for a similar price we get lamps that perfectly tan, and at the same time provide a number of additional benefits. Let's take a closer look.

1. Do coloured lamps tan well?

Coloured lamps tan well, and even very well. The principle of operation is the same as in the case of classic UV lamps. However, a lot depends on the selected model of a coloured lamp. There are many of them on the market and it should be remembered that lamps are very different, as many salon owners have already found out. That is why it is worth buying them from reliable suppliers that have been operating on the market for many years. Good quality coloured lamps tan well (they have a high UVA*parameter), and at the same time they do not have to be expensive.

For the curious:

When browsing the supplier's offer, it is absolutely crucial to check the UVA parameter. The higher it is, the better the tanning results. This information can be found in the technical sheet of a given model. If the manufacturer has nothing to hide, we can easily find the specification on their website.

standard UV lampgreen lamp with good parametersgreen lamp with bad parameters
 lamp name Cosmedico Cosmofit+ R36 Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Deep Calm & Tan

Rainbow Extreme Green

UVA Flux

The list presents two examples of coloured lamp models. There is a huge gap between them when it comes to tanning effects. Deep Calm & Tan has over 2 times better UVA Flux parameter than a green lamp from another manufacturer, and almost the same as a standard UV lamp.

2. Coloured lamps will delight your clients.

A solarium equipped with coloured UV lamps is simply impressive. It is impossible to pass by a poster, a photo or a film presenting a futuristically illuminated device. It attracts clients. When someone tries to tan in bed with coloured lamps at least once, it will be difficult for them to return to sessions using traditional lamps, which will seem boring.

A great advantage of installing coloured lamps is the ability to design your own systems. Combining green, red, pink, blue, standard and yellow lamps gives you full freedom in arranging each solarium. It can be the hallmark of your salon!

3. Influence of coloured light on well-being.

The beneficial effect of exposure to light of a specific colour is used in medicine. Different colours can have a specific impact on our physical health and mental well-being. Some experience the effects more intensely, others less. And let's be honest, colour therapy is not the basis of treatment, but only a supportive measure. But why not use it if it can get you in the right mood, give energy to action, or relax you?

Green colour - calms and relaxes.

green lamp

Red colour - anti-aging effect, e.g. collagen lamps.

red lamp

Blue colour - improves concentration.

blue lamp

Yellow colour - puts in positive mood.

yellow lamp

4. Are coloured lamps more expensive than standard ones?

In case of comparison with standard lamps of high quality, there is a small difference of a few to several percent. We're talking about models that have a long service life and good tanning parameters. When talking to a representative, it is always possible to grant an additional discount on the list price.

Find out the exact price by contacting our representative.

If you are considering purchasing coloured lamps and you want to be sure that they provide the tanning results you have so far, we recommend that you consider purchasing the following models:

Green Lamp
Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Deep Calm & Tan

Pink Lamp
Cosmedico Premium Line Cross Technology

Red Lamp
Cosmedico Cosmolux Rubino

Yellow Lamp
Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Good Vibes & Tan