How to choose the best tanning lamps?

We can evaluate UV lamps in terms of these three parameters: Lifespan: The length of working time - on average it is from 600 to 800 hours. Tanning efficiency: The speed at which the tan appears. Design and new technologies: e.g. Anti-aging effects, stimulating endorphin release, rejuvenating, reducing acne, accelerating metabolism and others.

I haven’t been able to find the perfect lamp model yet, but coming up are leaders in each of these three competitions, which is why we focused on them.

The decision on choosing the right lamp should be individual and necessary to your needs.

If local rivals attract customers with shorter sessions (and cheaper) giving satisfactory results, it is worth thinking about replacing your lamps for something of a higher quality. In many cases when our salon is visited by many customers, it is best to increase the lamp life which will save money in the long run.

L like Lifespan.

This is an important lamp feature for any type of tanning salon, without increasing the size and scale of the business. Smaller salons (1-3 sunbeds) need to work continuously to make the most profits. Any break where the beds are not in action contributes to a loss of profits.

Large showrooms or chain stores need solutions that translate into security. This can easily be converted:

For each hour of work of an average lamp (lifetime 600 hours, price set 400 GBP) we will pay £0.67, but already a working hour of lamp work with a longer life will cost £0.60 (service life 1000 hours, price set 600 GBP). This saves £0.07 for every hour of work.

Let's multiply it by 10 sunbeds and get a £0.70 fee for each hour of work, which for an 800 hour cycle equates to one free set of lamps.

The solar market has very well received a series of models from three manufacturers. Are to:

All included series available lifespan of 800-1000 hours and more.

T like tanning efficiency.

The customer is primarily focused on a satisfactory tanning effect. Of course, at a reasonable price. Therefore, he will choose a solarium in which he will get a good tan in a short time (shorter session = lower costs).

It may seem that shorter tanning sessions are a nail in the casket for tanning owners, but practice shows that a salon equipped with good beds and fast bronzing lamps will soon attract competitors' customers.

Of course, tanning safety is essential. Therefore, investing in good-quality lamps that meet all standards gives you the opportunity to increase tanning effects while maintaining the standard (0.3 W / m2). In recent years, designers have developed a number of technologies that allow you to intensify the effect of exposure to light, without the risk of exceeding the norms.

The showrooms that were the first to take a step towards distancing competition by this route certainly had this model of Cosmedico lamps on their order list:

Premium Line has excellent tanning parameters. If this model were distinguished by a long life at the same time, one could talk about the lamp - the queen of the British market, where fast and intense effect counts. Premium Line life expectancy is slightly above average and is about 700 hours, which can be considered as close to ideal, but not perfect. Some compensation is rejuvenating properties, which are provided by the emission of red radiation.

D like Design.

Customers have been waiting for new products for a long time, and is it still the same in their favorite salon? If it is time to change and make the offer more attractive, why not go with the new fashion? The current trends in the market are very clear - go beyond monotony. Just as tanning models change so is the era of new generation lamps.

The new models have better technical properties and the look followed them. Currently, you can choose different colour variants and mixtures of red, green and even yellow lamps are increasingly being used on the market. Their straight shape is also changing, being replaced with twisted or profiled ones.

Behind the changes in appearance there are additional properties, e.g. anti-aging effects, stimulation of endorphin production, and acceleration of metabolism.

If you want to surprise your customers and offer them even more of a luxurious experience, invite them to the premiere of your new lamps and show off their additional features. It's a much cheaper option than replacing the beds with new ones. It will be appreciated by lovers of a good tan for sure.

Particularly noteworthy are the series:

U like Universal?

When it is difficult to determine one of the three directions mentioned above, and neither the lifetime, the tanning effect, nor design are anything that we particularly care about, it is worth looking for a universal solution, i.e. choosing lamps with a fairly long lifetime, good tanning and additional properties.

In this respect, Cosmedico's Premium Line 800 Cross Technology is our choice.

However, it is best to choose lamps that suit your needs. We have helped with this for many years. It is worth making this three-minute phone call to find out from our advisers which model will be perfect for you. It's free!

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