0.3 compliant lamps

SHINE 2019 - After the event

"We are part of the tanning industry, not the burning industry."

Tan Empire would like to thank The Sunbed Association as a whole, for making an event such as SHINE possible. It isn't often you get to see the names of the industry in the same room such as Gary Lipman, the chairman of The Sunbed Association UK & Ireland, Joe Levy, the Director of Scientific Affairs at the American Suntanning Association, Juergen Gerstenmeier, an expert in the theory of hybrid tanning and of course, great companies such as Bliss, Bronze Direct, Cyrano, Ergoline, World Suncare Products and UV Logistics - all united under the theme of responsible tanning. As proud members of The Sunbed Association, we enjoyed being alongside everyone mentioned to help salon owners and the public embrace safe and responsible tanning.

The day was brilliant from start to finish! The displays were superbly simple, yet elegant -  There was enough for you to be able to see the new products being launched, whether it be lotions or sunbeds themselves.

The phrase which seemed to become the day's main message was, "We are part of the tanning industry, not the burning industry." Tan Empire stands by this sentiment along with everyone else at the event.

Gary Lipman opened the speeches – highlighting the great work being put into despelling myths about sunbed use – such as sunbeds causing cancer, when in fact, burning is the cause, not the use sunbeds themselves. He provided great arguments against false information which has been spread throughout different media platforms, holding his own in more than one televised interview with those who wish to see the end of the tanning industry. Without Gary and TSA's work, we may have been faced with a UK ban months ago. This was just the beginning of a fantastic set of speeches.

Tan Empire were not the only ones admiring the work TSA does. Joe Levy also expressed his admiration of the great work being done by TSA, even telling the room he wishes to be able to implement something similar for salons in the USA. After all, it is in everyone's interest to tan safely and responsibly.

Juergen  Gerstenmeier gave a brilliant speech about the benefits of hybrid tanning. It was a superb opportunity for salon operators to learn about how the Red Light penetrates deeper into body, not just the surface layers, meaning the benefits will be more theraputic and great for helping with muscular pain and arthritis. Juergen also reminded us how 0.3 compliant lamps combined with red light can help prevent againg – what's not to love?

We also found it interesting hearing how salon owners are embracing the 0.3 compliancy. Listening to salon owners tell us of their experiences with customers who had previously burned at non compliant salons finding they were able to tan safely was truly uplifting as they were once convinced they were doomed to burn no matter what. This is not the case, not all prospective customers are aware of the 0.3 EU norm. It's great to hear that salon owners are sharing this with their customers and educating them on how to tan safely dependant on their skin type.

The atmosphere of the event was something to be admired. At the risk of sounding like we are harping on about the responsible tanning theme, it really was something that you could feel coming from the room. We were not there to compare prices and poach trade. We were there to back The Sunbed Association as the voice of our industry. It is thanks to TSA that tanning is still going strong and that certain groups of people are failing in their bid to ban UV tanning throughout the United Kingdom. Without Gary Lipman and the rest of TSA's team, it's doubtful we would be where we are today, so please accept our thanks regarding the great work you all put in to help educate salon operators and the general public about how tanning responsibly is the way forward. As distributor members of TSA, we explain the benefits of tanning in a responsible way using 0.3 compliant lamps to our customers and give them information about TSA should they wish to join and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

We can't stress enough how important events such as SHINE are for our industry. Without the great work this team does, who knows what would become of the tanning industry. If you are interested in your salon becoming a member of this outstanding organisation - don't wait, sign up now! TSA is a non profit organisation, all of the money they receive is put right back into helping the industry. You can find more information at: https://www.sunbedassociation.org.uk/

Author: Maria Saunders