Tanning lotions in the solarium - what hinders your sales? [make a short test]

Why do some salons enjoy great sales of tanning lotions, and in others the bottles are dusty on the shelf? Often the key turns out to be ... staff.

First of all: attitude

Success largely depends on the attitude of employees and showroom owners. From what (apart from potential profits) motivates them to sell lotions in tanning salons. Customers can flawlessly sense when someone offers them a valuable product tailored to their needs. And when – it's only about sales & profits.

What does it mean? Your employees should know what are the benefits of modern tanning lotions. Their professional advice will increase trust and build the reputation of the salon. Consider: in the future, do you want to offer your customers only more minutes in a tanning bed? Or maybe - do you want to make them happy, guarantee satisfaction from moisturized, golden-brown skin, without irritation? Lotions are the tools that help to achieve a beautiful, long-lasting end result.

Learning from the Masters - How Do Americans Do It?

An interesting example was raised by the authors of the training for solarium owners - the National Tanning Training Institute from Arizona. What to do when a customer appears in the salon just before the big event, with a fair complexion but dreaming of a holiday bronze "just in time"? The first, automatic impulse may be to look for a bed with the most powerful lamps in the studio. But ... it's risky! In this way, it can lead to burns, pain, itchy skin and unsightly red instead of a dream tan. Yes, we will sell tanning minutes at the solarium - but we may lose the trust of a potential customer.

What do the authors of the training advise? They recommend ... equipping the salon with several self-tanners for this type of "crisis" situation. You may think that such products are in direct competition with bed tanning. However, remember about the customer's motivation ("I want a nice tan and I'm looking for someone to help me with this!"). Proposing a safe, effective alternative then turns out to be a smart move! Such a customer will remember: employees here have knowledge about the skin and the tanning process, they care about what's good for me. It's worth coming back here!

It does not mean that the above example should be copied or repeated 1: 1. But to be inspired, open to the customer's needs and prepare various tools to meet them (tanning accelerating, bronzing), it is worth considering. What do you think about it?

  • What "minimum" in the subject of tanning lotions should everyone who serves customers in a salon know?
  • What customer concerns/questions can you meet and how can you prepare for them?
  • What else can influence your sales success?
  • How to arrange an attractive tanning lotions offer for your salon?

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And today ... ask your employee (or yourself) if you know the answers to all of the following questions. If so - big applause, you are a professional! If you are not sure about something - this is also great news, because there is room for development.

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