Top 10 Tanning Must Have Lotions – my review

Having been behind the counter of a salon for 8 years, I had the luxury of trying out lotions whenever I pleased. Whether it was a new release or an old school favourite, I would always be the first one jumping on a bed, excited to see how well the lotion works.

At this stage, I can safely say I have tried out more lotions than I can count! Some were brilliant, yet others didn't work so well for me, so when I was given the opportunity to pick my top ten tanning lotions from one of the biggest stores, I didn't hesitate to say yes!

Why use a lotion?

It's important to remember that skin will always tan more efficiently when you apply a lotion designed especially for tanning - We all know this. What a lot of people don't know, is that a good lotion is along the same lines as good tanning lamps. By using a sub standard lotion, you'll get a sub standard tan. With that in mind, I would love for you to take at a look at my personal picks :)

10: Primo Maxx: Primo Maxx ranks in at number 10 for one reason – the heat of this tingle may not be agreeable to everyone. However, if you're like me, you'll probably say something along the lines of, “It's good, but I could handle hotter!” I've always loved a hot tingle, it makes me feel as if I'm in a hot bubble bath, easing the stress away after a long day. Primo Maxx gives that feeling of relaxation, while giving me a brilliant tan at the same time. It reminds me of the original Super Black Onyx tingle by Power Tan, a very old (now discontinued) favourite of mine. Great for all skin types, but best suited to those without sensitive skin.

9: Hot Tottie: A lovely tingle lotion which brings out a brilliant colour without being quite as hot as the Primo Maxx. The fact that Hot Tottie isn't as hot doesn't make it any less effective. There are times when you don't want to feel as if you're being engulfed in hot lava... for those times, choose Hot Tottie! Easy to apply, gives a great tan and smells like spun sugar and Mocha... what's not to love about it?

8: Luau Black: The first entry containing a bronzer, Luau Black is a fab addition to your tanning lotion collection. The immediate and delayed bronzers are streak free, which is great if you suffer from the same problem I do when it comes to getting an even coverage. If I'm not careful, I look as if a five year old was let loose with a bottle of fake tan, but with Luau Black, I don't have to worry about being patchy or uneven. A great lotion to use if you intend to go out for the night looking like a bronzed god or goddess!

7: American Glamour: One of our bestsellers in at number 7, American Glamour combines luxurious skincare and fantastic anti-ageing properties with a long lasting golden tan. As with the Luau Black, the bronzers are streak free, giving you a beautiful golden glow which won't rub off on your clothes. American Glamour also contains the TattooSaver complex, which is exactly as it sounds. It helps prevent tattoos from fading and looking drab. After all, you probably paid good money for your artwork, why ruin it by using a lotion which won't protect it?

6: You, Me and the Sea: You, Me and the Sea was one of the best selling lotions we stocked when I was working in the salon – customers couldn't get enough of it, and I understand why. As one of very few lotions to state on the bottle that it can be used outside as well as inside, it was a firm favourite of customers and the staff alike for popping in their bags and taking it on a trip somewhere. With no tingle or bronzer, this lotion can work for everyone - and as with the American Glamour, this lotion has a Tattoo Shield to help maintain vibrant artwork.

5: Beaches & Creme: For those of you like me, who suffer from dry skin and sometimes resemble a snake shedding its skin, Beaches and Creme is a must have lotion. It gives a great colour, but also keeps your skin moisturised throughout the entire day – no need to slather on more lotion! Those of you with naturally oiler skin may not be as enthusiastic about this lotion, but I would urge you try it out and see for yourself – just because it's great for my skin, doesn't mean it won't work for you.

4: Velvet Tan: Skin as smooth as Velvet? Yes please! Another lotion which keeps my reptile skin moisturised throughout the entire day. Perhaps not so well known, Velvet Tan has been a personal favourite of mine for a long time due to its simplicity and brilliant tan accelerating properties – it makes me think of HOT! By Australian Gold. If you love HOT, you'll love Velvet Tan. A surprisingly light lotion which gives great tanning results, helps fight adverse signs of ageing and smells divine – a brilliant tri-force in my opinion.

3: Tan & Glory: The top 3 were hard to choose – but here we are. In the land of Tan & Glory, everyone is tanned and everyone has perfect skin. While this mythical place may not exist, the Tan & Glory lotion certainly does. Immediate and delayed streak free bronzers boost your colour the instant you start your tanning session and continue to darken throughout the day while Royal Honey and a bomb of other ingredients help fight fine lines and wrinkles! Again, these bronzers are streak free, so no need to worry about looking like you were in a Ronseal explosion!

2: X Power Pure: As a very lucky person who can put anything I please on my skin without the worry of having a bad reaction, I have to say that I was nicely surprised by the quality and results of this lotion. X Power Pure is an absolute delight to use. Fast tanning results and an easy to apply formula that even those with very sensitive skin can use is a win in my book. With a delightfully fresh scent, this lotion won't leave you feeling sticky after your tanning session.

1: Gold & Glow: Gold & Glow: Possibly an unpopular opinion for the top spot – but personally, I have never known a tanning accelerator like it. There are a few on the market which are similar, such as the Ultra Oil by Power Tan, but I feel that Gold & Glow has the edge. No matter who you are, this oil disappears into your skin in seconds, leaving it feeling soft and smooth to touch. Elixir gives a natural looking tan, the kind of tan you expect from sunbathing at the beach. Beautifully bronzed and smooth skin all made possible thanks to Gold & Glow. A great option for beginner tanners and advanced tanners alike – I haven't met anyone yet who dislikes Gold & Glow – it's my number one for a reason!

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A part of me feels I should have gone for my top 20, as there are many lotions I adore which I haven't mentioned. Perhaps in the future I will do “Top Ten: Part 2” and add in those which I couldn't squeeze in this time around.

If you have any questions about these lotions, please don't hesitate to contact me in the office. I am always happy to help... and could happily talk about lotions with you all day long :)

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