Which tanning beds generate the most profit for tanning salons?

Ergoline, MegaSun or Luxura?

See our sunbed comparison table at the bottom of the page. There is no perfect sunbed. Just as there are no perfect cars suitable for everything, the same can also be said for smart phones and computers. The choice of model, year and type of sunbed depends on many factors such as:

• an appropriate premises
• the number of customers,
• their preferences and trends which are prevelant in the current market.

However, you can see which features of tanning equipment are currently desirable and then buy devices that will realistically affect the level of customer satisfaction. Thanks to this, you will gain customer loyalty, and the monthly profits from the salon will gradually increase.

Customer - “Hello, I would like to open a tanning salon. What sunbeds can you recommend to me?”
Martin (Tan Empire) - “I am happy to help, but first please tell me a little bit about the competition in your area…”

What should you consider when buying a tanning bed?

1. Comfort. The latest premium tanning bed lines have a very important common feature - they are large. Customers love space and comfort, so the absolute minimum is medium-sized devices that support at least 46 long UV lamps, but in our opinion it is worth investing in larger beds with 50 lamps and more. Size matters because of the comfort factor, but also affects the effects of tanning. Thanks to the larger base surface, we achieve a beautiful, natural, but above all, an even tan and that's what our clients are all about. The list of premium beds most often chosen by tanning salons opens with the Ergoline Excellence 800, Soltron XL75, Ergoline Esprit 770 and the excellent Luxura Vegaz 8200, 9200 beds offered by Hapro. The ranking closes with top-shelf sunbeds, e.g. the Prestige 1400, 1600 and 1800 series from the Ergoline range.

2. Durability. The slightest downtime in business, e.g. the exclusion of even one sunbed from usability, in the short term - will expose you to financial losses during servicing, and in the long run - may force you to wait longer for the possibility of using a well functioning tanning bed, meaning impatient customers will decide to look for a tan from competitors. If you want to buy new tanning beds, you should consider buying devices that have proven themselves on the solar market for many years. The podium is undoubtedly occupied by 3 dominant brands: Ergoline, MegaSun and Luxura. The choice is somewhat complicated when we decide to buy a second-hand sunbed. Even models considered to be the least problematic can become the reason for frequent services as a result of improper operation by previous owners. Therefore, when looking for a used tanning bed, first check the distributor and only then choose the model and brand. More about that in a moment…

3. New or pre-used? Second-hand beds are divided into two categories - fully refurbished and those that require a bit of work to breathe new life into them. In the case of non-renovated beds, the risk of a quick visit by the service team, or even exposing the customer to danger as a result of a malfunction is very high.

It is unofficially said that the market for used, non-refurbished beds is 90% "contaminated" by faulty and heavily worn equipment. Apparent money saving at the time of purchase can quickly turn into a bottomless well of spending. The only ones who will earn are service technicians and a distributor, who luckily for him will get rid of the faulty equipment, and the one who will lose on this whole transaction will be an investor by paying for the service, but above all by cutting off the income while waiting for the repair.

A honest distributor will definitely offer a guarantee. Renowned companies specialising in the sale of solariums should also have their own technical service. You can know the best players on the market by the scale of their actions. They will offer several dozen or more sunbeds, spare parts for most models which you will be able to buy immediately and the service team will deal with the comprehensive renovation of beds - from repair, through replacement of worn components and thorough cleaning, to painting.

A perfectly refurbished device is very difficult to distinguish from a new one. However, the price will give it away, on average they are 2.5 times lower than brand new devices on the market. Customers should have the right impression that they are sunbathing in a sunbed which is fresh, hygienic and safe. A new sunbed will always give this impression, however, if refurbished properly, a reconditioned be can make customers feel as if they are the first to use it. It is worth considering investing in a second-hand bed, but only if you buy it at a reasonable, but not the lowest price - and only from a proven distributor.

4. Extras. The devil is in the details - this is no different with tanning beds. Often the possibility of connecting your favourite tanning music to Bluetooth has determined the popularity of a salon for many years. Let's remember that our clients go to a solarium not only for a perfect tan, but also for relaxation and a moment of peace. Let us help them find their peace in the best possible way so we can be sure that they will come back to us regularly.

In most new devices, the standard is a good audio system that allows you to play music from the loaded song database or from your own smartphone, which will be connected wirelessly to the bed.

Other equally important additions are:

• Breeze - a water mist that will pleasantly cool and moisturise the body.
• Aroma - a spray of a pleasant and soothing fragrance, enhancing the tan experience.
• Air conditioning - a temperature control system that will make our customers feel as if they are being cooled down by a gentle breeze.

The use of devices equipped with these features will certainly be remembered by our customers and because of this, they will come back to us more willingly.

If none of our solariums have such facilities yet and the competition does not offer anything better, it's worth taking a step forward and overtaking other salons, thus raising the bar and increasing profits.

Modern tanning beds are often equipped with advanced lamp power control systems (e.g. Dynamic Power, Intelligent preformance), which provide a great effect for the customer, but also save energy for the owner and allow for better control of lamp consumption – ultimately extending their lifetime. A universal solarium is one that will satisfy everyone's needs - both fans of intensive tanning and supporters of delicate browning.

Most new generation beds are equipped with such solutions, among less new models such as the Ergoline Prestige 1100, 1400, 1600, Soltron XL75 or MegaSun 7900 Alpha Intellisun.

5. Design. Tastes are not discussed, so when new to the industry salon owners ask for advice, we often recommend universal solutions at the beginning.

One of them is the option to have two different bed models. There is a good chance that if one line does not appeal to some customers, the other will delight them, and vice versa. Sunbeds can vary - significantly.

The classic, subdued but stylish design of Ergoline Prestige is a completely different style than the futuristic Avangarde from the same manufacturer. Just like the soft-finished silhouettes characteristic of MegaSun and the expressive gaming features of the Vegaz Luxura series.

Practice shows that new tanning salons should start with a minimum number of 3, and optimally 6 beds. Of course, much of this depends on the conditions prevailing on the local market, but 3 devices will allow you to meet current needs, and relatively efficiently deal with the high season e.g. holidays, New Year, wedding period, etc. Having many beds also encourages a friendship group to pop in together, or as a nod towards couples who tan together on a regular basis.

With this division, it is a good idea to buy two different bed models, e.g. 2 + 1, 2 + 2, or 3 + 3.

6. Which model of sunbed is the best? In the competition for the title of the best bed for your salon, there is no winner and there can't ever be. It all depends on the local market, competitive environment, available space and many other factors.

However, you can narrow down the search area based on a summary prepared by our specialists. It is based solely on the subjective assessments of service technicians, consultants, electricians and feedback from long-term customers.

The set is divided into two groups: used tanning beds for £6,000 and second-hand tanning beds above £6,000, classified as premium class devices. In total, we have selected 15 beds which have been tested on the market. Even if one of the devices did not get the highest score, the mere presence in the TOP 15 group places this bed very high.

In 4 categories we rated:

a) Comfort, i.e. the number of lamps, the size of the bed and the convenience of sunbathing.
b) Strength, i.e. failure rate and quality of workmanship as well as selection of spare parts.
c) Distinctive features, i.e. additions, unique design, or customers' habits.
d) Price, i.e. the lower the price, the more points we allocated.

If you are interested in buying beds, you can count on the professional advice of our specialists. All you have to do is call Martin and you'll get advice immediately.

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