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Cosmedico Cosmofit+ Wild Wave Red 27 100W Tanning lamp

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Short Description

  • Wattage: 100W

  • Long electrode

  • UVB/UVA ratio: 0.9%

  • Lifetime: 800 hours

  • Outstanding tanning results and longer lasting tan

  • VITAMIZE Effect for more Vitamin D reserves

  • Higher UV output-unique Wave Design

  • Mostly compatible to 0.3

  • Extra heat



Cosmedico Cosmofit+ Wild Wave Red 27 100W

Cosmedico WILD WAVE tanning lamps feature an impressive wave design.

Wild Wave Red

  • Relaxing "SUNSET EFFECT"

  • Enhances production of happy hormones and metabolism

  • Blood circulation-promoting effect

  • Reduces ionisation odour

  • Skin rejuvenating

They are available in two different versions: WILD WAVE BLUE and WILD WAVE RED. Both lamp series give your tanning device an exceptional appearance and your customers an attractive tanning result along with additional positive effects for body and mind.

seria lamp

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cosmedico
Item no 31314
Series Wild Wave
Wattage 100 W
Rejuvenating red lightThe red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin while also making the skin firmer No
Lifetime (hours) 800 h
0.3 W/m² compliant Yes
Electrode Type Shortmount
UC code 100-R-27/2.9
UVB/UVA 0.9%
UVA Flux 25 W
UVA Irradiance 19 [mW/cm²]
Length 1.76m


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