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Cosmedico Cosmosun Duo R 180-200W Tanning lamp

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Short Description

Wattage: 180-200W (2m)
Short electrode
UVB/UVA ratio: 2.5%
Lifetime: 600 hours



Cosmedico Cosmosun Duo R 180-200W

The COSMOSUN line is our lamp series offering unbeaten value-for-money quality. Thoughtfully designed, perfectly made for standard applications. COSMOSUN lamps provide excellent tanning results at moderate to short exposure times. A useful life span of up to 600 hours is guaranteed for all COSMOSUN tubes. If you are looking for a lamp to match decent tanning needs, COSMOSUN is the right choice for you.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Cosmedico
Item no 16711
Series Cosmosun
Wattage 180-200 W
Rejuvenating red lightThe red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which improves the elasticity and suppleness of the skin while also making the skin firmer No
Lifetime (hours) 600 h
0.3 W/m² compliant No
Electrode Type Shortmount
UC code 180-R-115/9.0
UVB/UVA 2.5%
UVA Flux 33
UVA Irradiance 20 [mW/cm²]
Length 2.0m


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