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"POWER NAP & TAN" colorful lamp set for every tanning studio

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"POWER NAP & TAN" colorful lamp set for every tanning studio.
All lamps also stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D3 that adds energy and improves mood!



"POWER NAP & TAN" colorful lamp set for every tanning studio

Colorful UV lamps are becoming more popular with tanning salons everyday. The rainbow of colours attracts the attention of customers who like novelties. However, if we want to keep their interest for longer... We should consider choosing a set of lamps that, in addition to providing aesthetic experience, can boast of something more. A thoughtful composition, resulting in a specific action and a tangible effect, which is worth coming back for. In the end: honest tanning properties, because we believe that this is the absolute basis. The new "POWER NAP & TAN" UV lamp package is just such a set. Created after a series of internal tests and improvements.

Desired combination of tanning lamps:

  • red lamps - improve skin hydration and nutrition
  • green lamps - relax
  • classic blue lamps - universal and effective

All lamps also stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D3 that adds energy and improves mood!

Sample UV lamps set:

  • Cosmedico Cosmofit 10K100
  • Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Deep Calm & Tan
  • Cosmedico Premium Line 800 Revitalize & Tan

Contact our sales representative and we will adapt the exact number and type of lamps included in the set to your needs!

solarium in an energy version

Power nap (or even nicer - called also "cat nap") is a term invented by Dr. James B. Maas, a well-known sleep researcher. In his works, he emphasized the strength of short but regular micro-rest sessions. He argued that such a system refreshes the mind and body and helps maintain high, stable energy level throughout the day. After a short session, we are both rested and ready to act. The idea quickly became popular among entrepreneurs, managers and people interested in development around the world.

instant regeneration with POWER NAP & TAN lamps

The effect of the "energy nap" our set achieves as follows:

green UV lamps, according to the principles of chronotherapy, distinguish:

  • soothing effect on the nervous system,
  • regulation of the functioning of the respiratory system,
  • reducing tension and beneficial effects on mental well-being.

classic blue UV lamps:

  • provide pleasant, soothing heat (especially appreciated on rainy, cooler days!),
  • make our tan more beautiful after each screening - this way, a moment of rest takes on very practical properties,

red UV lamps:

  • are responsible for accelerating the metabolism and blood microcirculation, and as a consequence - better supply of oxygen to the skin ...
  • ... nourished skin, in turn, repays with radiance, hydration and elasticity,
  • stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which brings effects in the form of a young, radiant appearance.

In addition, all the lamps in this set stimulate the synthesis of vitamin D3 - the ingredient responsible for strong bones, immunity and above all - great well-being!

After a short screening, customers will notice that they look and feel more fresh - from the inside and outside. They will be concentrated and regenerated…

The idea to repeat the session with POWER NAP & TAN whenever they want a tan combined with an injection of energy, will be very tempting…

Coffee : modern solariums - 0: 1!

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