Sunbed KBL megaSun 7900 Ultra Power CPI


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Short Description

  • Body lamps: 54 x 160W

  • Face lamps: 4 x 600W 

  • Shoulder lamps: 7 X 25W 

  • Power consumption(max): 14.8kW  

  • CPI (Electronic adjustable ballasts): provide a perfect balance between the intensity of UV radiation and the life of the lamps (uniform power of UV radiation despite the lamp usage over time)

  • Additional functions: aquaCool, aroma, voice guide.



KBL megaSun 7900 Ultra Power CPI

Fully reconditioned sunbed

MEGASUN 7900 belongs to the group of the most comfortable tanning devices available on the market.

The size of the device, a comfortable and spacious tanning tunnel, a large number of lamps, tanning power, a wide acrylic base combined with additional functions such as aquaCool, air conditioning or voice guide make it one of the favourite sunbeds among customers, also you can not forget about the very attractive and eye-catching design.

Sunbed after technical review - in perfect condition.
New acrylic base and canopy.

Basic specification:

Body lamps: 54 x 160W (1,8m)
Face lamps: 4 x 600W
Shoulder tanner: 7 x 25W
Power consumption (max.): 14,8kW  

Device functions:

ACS - control system of the air discharge intensity, depending on the room temperature, at the same time reducing the noise level. At the beginning of tanning, ACS takes care of the gradual increase in the level of cooling. At the end of the tanning session, the tanning lamps and weathering functions are gradually extinguished.

megaVoice - pleasant voice informs the customer in an accessible way and without unnecessary waste of time about the functions of the solarium.

pureAir - Ionized, i.e. purified air, reduces the nuisance and unpleasant odors that arise during tanning and affects the bio-positively on the whole organism.

airCon - efficient air conditioning system guarantees pleasant cooling during tanning.

aquaCool - delicate water mist is produced in the upper part of the device by 2 nozzles: it refreshes and revitalises at the same time.

aroma - the aroma function allows spraying of fragrance concentrates, making the tanning session even more enjoyable. You can choose between SUNRISE and DAYDREAM fragrances.

Sunbed after technical review – in perfect condition!
We guarantee the highest quality of used devices. We always carry out a number of expensive and time­consuming repairs, so the sunbed will serve you and your clients for a long time without failures.
This sunbed is fully operational, in perfect visual and technical condition and it is ready to install. Delivery and installation – calculated individually. Warranty – 1 year.
                                                   Check out our standards for used sunbeds! ❯

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer megaSun
Quantity of tubes 54
Lamp power 160 W
Number of lamps in facial tanner 4
Face tanners power 600 W
Lamps in bench 22 x 160W (1.8m)
Lamps side section 7 x 160W (1.8m)
Lamps canopy 25 x 160 W (1.8m)
Shoulder tanner Yes
Shoulder tanner type 7 x 25W
Neck tanner No
Neck tanner type -
LEDs red light No
Power Consumption (max.) 14,80 kW
Fuses 3 x 32A
Length 238,00 cm
Width 150,00 cm
Height 173,00 cm
Base acrylic width 86cm
Air condition (climatronic) Yes
Aqua mist Yes
Aroma Yes
Loudspeakers Yes
Voice guide Yes
MP3 player Option
MyMp3 Option
Bluetooth No
Ballast type Electronic adjustable
External fan / air exhaust Yes
Small cabine unit No
Year of production 2015
Additional information new base and canopy acrylics
Unit type Lay down


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