Last days of lower prices for UV lamps.

Beat the price increase

A price increase?!

UV lamps have once again been hit with a price increase directly from the manufacturers. This does not come as a massive surprise due to the rising prices of others goods during this difficult time. As a company, we try to keep costs from rising unnecessarily so have kept this increase back as much as possible.

Are the increases a certainty?

Unfortunately, yes. Tan Empire recently received news of the price and wanted to give all our customers the news as soon as possible! We want you all to have the opportunity to purchase the lamps at a more favourable price by buying them now

When we say increase, how much exactly do we mean?

The price adjustment means an increase of 5.3% to 7.9% - depending on the type of lamps. Due to this increase, retubing even just the one sunbed can now end up being several pounds more. It is always best to contact your representative to know the exact price increase as they will know your bed, lamps and discounts best!

Ok… so how long do I have?

We have received notice that all lamps that Tan Empire purchased from Wednesday 1st February 2023 will come with hiked prices. This, luckily, means that if you manage to purchase lamps that were purchased by us before this date, you will be quoted the current price. As current pricing is only until stocks last after this date, contact your sales representative as soon as possible to be able to discuss your needs without urgency.

Why is this happening?

We make every effort to negotiate the best prices for our customers when ordering wholesale quantities. Unfortunately, the current market situation forces lamp suppliers to adjust their offers. The price of each UV lamp consists of a number of costs:

  • prices of materials (glass, gas and phosphor for lamps);
  • labour expenditure;
  • packaging and shipping costs

Unfortunately, in recent weeks each of these elements has seen an increase in price. As a consequence, the final product, i.e. the lamps themselves, will see this rise.

Any other ways I can beat this increase?

Are you thinking about cheaper, alternative solutions for your solarium? Ask your representative about any sales offers available.