7suns code for men

OUR REVIEW - New tanning CODE series from 7Suns designed especially for men

CODE - Each of you has your own. The one which defines you. The one that says everything about you.

The definition of masculinity... and a devastatingly handsome tan! This range of cosmetics was designed for men who know what they want and how to get it.

Currently, there are two cosmetics in this range - CODE Intensifier and Code Bronzer, both designed to reach the maximum tan possible in the shortest amount of time.

CODE Intensifier is a tanning accelerator which supports skin regeneration. It contains Shea and Argan Butter as well as CoQ10, guaranteed to give you nourished and smooth skin. Thanks to a triforce of scents - menthol, fresh citrus and a hint of vanilla - you will feel refreshed, revived and rejuvenated after your tanning session.

CODE Bronzer gives an intense tan in the blink of an eye thanks to the combination of DHA, erythrulose and walnut extract. The MultiOil formula, enriched with Avocado Oil nourishes the skin, resulting in a magnificent glow. Enhanced with a spicy scent, Code Bronzer helps to aid relaxation throughout the tanning session.

There are many reasons to give CODE a try. To begin with, the lotion has a delightfully light consistency, making it easy to apply as it absorbs into the skin with ease. There is nothing worse than a lotion which doesn't apply easily, especially when you are trying to get ready for a tanning session.

The fragrances used in CODE are somewhat unique. Both the Intensifier and Bronzer scents were inspired by classic men's fragrances, giving them both a more masculine feel. This is also enhanced by the ingredients which provide a huge dose of vitamins to the skin, including Sea Buckthorn, Honey, Coal Powder, Mango and many more.

As with many lotions from the 7Suns range, CODE is enhanced with the Tattoo Saver complex. This is a great way to save your artwork from fading due to UV exposure. What good is a beautiful tan if your tattoos are going to suffer for it?

With more and more men frequenting tanning salons, the demand for more masculine lotions has risen and CODE has delivered!

Thanks to our promotion, many men who tan up and down the country have embraced the benefits of this series, this is why we are extending the deal so everyone has the chance to try it for themselves and see  the brilliant results firsthand. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Author: Maria Saunders, Louis Eugene