Social media graphics - it's easy!

Social media graphics - it's easy!

Now that your fanpage is ready... It's time to fill it with interesting content. The easiest way to attract customers' attention it to use graphics - it is said that one image is worth 1000 words!

Thanks to this article you will learn:

  • Where should you start?
  • What and how to show something on the graphics in your social media?
  • What rules should be followed?
  • What (free!) tools can make your work easier?

Basic brand identification

Before you create your first graphic for your social media, work out a short set of rules that will be your starting point for all your new graphics. Coherent graphic materials create a clear, trustworthy image of the company. What is worth determining at the beginning?

  • 1-2 main colours,
  • 1-2 fonts,
  • a fixed place to put the salon logo (most often - in the lower right corner).

With such a base creating new graphic materials is much faster and more efficient, and your clients can easily distinguish your posts from the content of the competition. How to decide which colours and fonts to choose? At this stage, you can ask a graphic designer for support (this is a one-time cost that will pay off in the future). You can also find the combination that best reflects the character of your salon on your own. These few questions will ease making the decision:

  • Do I want to present my company in a more professional and distanced way (which is suggested by the minimalist, technical style of design) or warm, fun, direct?
  • Should a visit to my salon be associated with new energy, action (vivid, energetic colours - fuchsia, orange, etc.), or rather with peace and relaxation (green, blue)?
  • What colours are used in the interior of my salon? What have the advertising materials looked like so far?

What do you want to say?

Now you know the style of your materials. It's time to move on to the topic of their functions. The starting point for creating specific graphics should also be asking yourself a few basic questions:

  • What do I want to say?
  • What emotions or actions do I want to evoke in my recipients (potential customers of the salon)?

Note: if you have a few equally important information and a few expected recipients' reactions - it's a signal that you need more than one graphic. On social media, you can only count on a few seconds of attention. You have to "take your recipient by the hand" along the simplest possible path. This means: make your message as clear as possible and expressly state what action you want to encourage (call to action). Only one action!

An example from the life of a salon: new lamps.

The Internet is filled with thousands of messages. That is why the simplicity and clarity of a message have effect. The following tip will help you arrange texts on graphics properly.

We like people... but not all of them

The Think Kong agency asked its fans what irritated them the most about activities of various companies on Facebook. Third place on the list (as much as 31% of indications) was taken by the overuse of the stock photos, that is, bought or downloaded for free from a ready-made photo database. We are also talking about photos of perfect-looking models strolling on golden beaches - a frequent view on fanpages of tanning salons. In the past, such photos were associated with professionalism and luxury. Today - they are tiresome and ridiculous in their detachment from real life. This principle works especially for local businesses.

It is completely different with the original photos. Showing the "real face" of your salon is a great way to get closer to your customers! The smiling face of the salon owner or employee is sure to evoke many positive reactions. If you can choose a professional photo found on the Internet or a good quality photo taken in your salon with your service - choose the latter option! Customers will surely appreciate the authenticity. Also, if your time for preparing graphics is limited - a good photo that you can publish right away is a great replacement. The photos can be taken by you or by a professional. The rates for a few photos of employees and interiors (solarium equipment) start from PLN 250-400.

Facebook graphics dimensions

Once you know what your graphics will look like, where you will prepare them and what you want to convey through them... There is only a technical issue: adjusting the dimensions to Facebook. Unfortunately, the recommended dimensions of graphics change from time to time. That is why when you plan to start designing, simply google "current dimensions of facebook images "and follow the latest guidelines. Why is this so important? Graphics that do not comply with the current recommendations may not be displayed in full, which may make it difficult for you to reach customers.

Graphic design tools - easy to use and free

The iconic Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs are powerful tools ... but the price and the need to spend some time learning how to use them can be discouraging. Fortunately - there are already much simpler and cheaper alternatives on the market! Currently, the most popular is Canva. Millions of amateur graphic designers love it for its very simple, intuitive use. However, if you need more support - dozens of Canva design courses are available online (most of them cost around PLN 100). Canva's free version is perfectly suited to the needs of a "small business". A huge selection of ready-made graphic templates is also a big help - you just have to complete them with your own photos and texts. There are templates for e.g. a Facebook cover photo, posters or invitations. An alternative to Canva is Crello (it works in a very similar way). If you already know how, for what purpose and with what tools - you just need to act. Best of luck!

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