tan asz u lotions 2019


TAN ASZ U is beloved by millions of tanning enthusiasts all over the world. We have to admit, we are included in these millions. Once you try Tan Asz U, we're quite confident you will also become a fan! Amazing colour, great skin condition and pleasant fragrances - It's a winning formula! Haven't had the chance to try the new products yet? Look no further, our guide is here to help.

BIKINI BLACK 200x Advanced Ultra Dark Bronzer

This unique bronzer is a guarantee of an intense, perfectly dark tan - as after long bikini holidays. The unique Beyond Bare Anti Flaw complex makes the skin velvety smooth, soft ... just perfect. Natural tropical extracts - so characteristic for the Tan Aszu U brand - will ensure deep hydration and nutrition. They also emphasize the golden-brown tones of a tan, and the captivating scent of Bikini Kiwi Banana Daiquiri will make you miss exotic vacations in the tropics.

HULA HOTTIE Volcanic Island Hot Bronzer

tan asz u hula hottie bronzer

This hot volcanic bronzer dust is a real challenge for advanced tanning enthusiasts. Triple tingle enriched with Fire Tulip extract and red peppers will make your body really ignite. But do not worry - we will also take care of its relief. The composition of argan, coconut, and olive oil will ensure proper skincare. It will not only provide deep nutrition but also restore proper elasticity and softness. The addition of aloe will accelerate regeneration and prepare the body for the next dose of the sun.

REBELLIOUS BLACK 150x Another Encore Celeb Glow Bronzing

tan asz u rebellious black bronzer

Do not be fooled by the slightly lower number of this bronzer - the effects it provides are as stunning as bronzers with multiples of 200x. Rebellious Black will leave your skin intensely brown thanks to the unique Color Rehab Plateau Busting. But that's not all - your skin will not only be deeply moisturized but will also get a truly golden glow thanks to the No Angel Serum. It is worth noting that all described bronzers do not contain parabens and gluten. In addition, Bikini Black and Hula Hottie do not have DHA (dihydroxyacetone – a bronzer, which forms a tan within a few hours after the session).

ALOHA PINK Advanced Dark Clean Beauty Tanning Lotion

tan asz u aloha pink tanning lotion

It is a pink synonym of clean beauty. This unique lotion contains the Biotanning formula, which accelerates the natural tanning process, as well as the real richness of natural ingredients that will ensure the perfect look of your skin. But the idea of clean beauty is about what it does not have - and there is not a gram of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde derivatives, dyes or gluten in it. It is a 100% vegan cosmetic that did not contribute to the suffering of any animal. Which one will be your favorite? Share your opinion on the latest news about Tan Asz U and the effects you have obtained – we are waiting impatiently!

Author: Maria Saunders